It's Time to Take a Look at Your Tank

Providing septic tank inspections in Heyburn & Burley, ID

Periodically, it's necessary to have your septic tank inspected. You might need an inspection because you've noticed a problem with the system, or you might need one because a lender requires an inspection before you can sell your home. A & M Sewer & Waste, LLC is proud to provide thorough septic tank inspections throughout the Heyburn & Burley, ID area. You can trust us to check over your tank with precision and care.

Septic tank inspections are done by appointment, so call 208-678-6365 to schedule yours in the Heyburn & Burley, ID area today.

Ask for your complete inspection report

When you schedule a tank inspection, our team will check every aspect of your system. We want to provide a comprehensive report, especially if the home is for sale. Our team can also do a commercial septic tank inspection for your business.

Whether it's residential or commercial, we will:

  • Find the exact location of the tank
  • Inspect it for cracks or damage
  • Check the drain filter and fluid levels

Once we inspect your tank, the team at A & M Sewer & Waste will give you a complete report of the findings. If necessary, we can also make suggestions for how to get your tank to pass inspection. Talk to our team about your commercial septic tank inspection in Heyburn & Burley, ID soon.

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